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Since our inception, we have tried to create awareness of the impact that we and our portfolio companies have on the world around us. This is deeply rooted in our values. In fact, we prioritised ESG topics with our portfolio companies before it became market practice. There are many global (environmental) challenges and there is a need for purpose-driven companies to solve these challenges. These companies need support and capital to deploy transformative growth strategies so their implicit value can be unlocked.

For this reason, we are launching the Mentha Impact Fund to support these impact-driven companies by leveraging our intrinsic motivation, strong track-record and proven way-of-working to realise transformative growth.


We focus on companies that are (nearly) profitable. We look for purpose-driven management teams who want to create significant and measurable (environmental) impact and who are looking for their next phase of growth. These companies are located in the Netherlands, Belgium or Denmark. We want to create impact on three themes that support a future-proof planet: resource efficiency, sustainable industries and energy transition. We can support these companies with either growth or buy-out funding.

We provide active support for transformational growth, team up to develop a strategic plan including impact milestones and help to build a scalable platform that can absorb ambitious expansion.

Resource efficiency

The planet’s resources cannot support the current population growth and increasing standards of living. We want to invest in business models that use resources more efficiently or responsibly.

Sustainable Industries

Innovation and product and service improvements will be crucial to transition to a sustainable future. We have the experience to help innovative businesses scale and multifold their impact.

Energy transition

Renewable energy is the future. This requires a large shift in our energy use (e.g. alternative fuels, electrification, energy efficiency). We aim to back companies that facilitate this transition and limit our dependency on fossil fuels.

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