We help inspired entrepreneurs and enterprising management teams to bring their goals and dreams to life. We started working at our kitchen table in 2007. Now, we are a strong collective of diverse specialists. All have helped to create and realise the transition necessary to enable companies to safely reach the next stage of their evolution. We enjoy and are energised by these sorts of challenges. They make us who we are.

We believe in the strength of people. We feel an affinity with unique entrepreneurs and talented managers. We know that only a few people have the vision to determine in which direction a company should be steered to attain durable success, especially when a solution is not obvious. We also know, through years of experience, that durable success can only be attained when a company has a healthy and thriving team spirit: one in which each individual is valued.

Every challenge is unique. We don’t take situations as given, but always look beyond the obvious. Curiosity is at the heart of our culture and ensures that we are constantly re-evaluating. As a result, our approach is forever evolving and improving.


Able to continue to exist for a long time

do we do?

Over the years, we have supported a wide range of entrepreneurs and companies: from those looking for a sharper focus for their future; to fresh new companies in search of an identity and what they should offer. With some companies we have travelled the world to achieve success. With others, we have found it closer to home. In different ways, we have helped many companies become successful on a scale much bigger than they ever imagined. In order to realise this, we have offered our extensive knowledge, years of experience and the necessary capital.

The world is complex. We try to keep it simple. We love big but are equally happy with small. For us, the challenge is most important.

do we work?

We are fast, but know when time is needed to allow an idea to mature in order to achieve the right result. We are good at what we do, but we keep our feet on the ground.

Even though we are down-to-earth and pragmatic, we love to enjoy the moment. A good sense of humour and not taking ourselves too seriously is part of who we are. We know that nothing ever goes exactly to plan, but our agility and experience have helped those we support to achieve success. Our track record shows that over time and across the board, we have delivered success for the vast majority of companies under our guardianship. Winning is in our blood but not at any cost.

Our method and approach only allow us to participate in a limited number of partnerships per year. We have to choose. Once we have chosen, we fully commit ourselves, together with the company’s leadership, to building the next phase of its journey. Our approach is effective. Since our founding, we have helped many companies move towards a stronger, more valuable and more sustainable future.

Mentha. Creating Durable Success.

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