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From its smart packaging network, HB offers a wide range of packaging services for the logistics and supply chain in the food industry. This concerns both physical and administrative handling of packaging. HB focuses on rental, cleaning, returns and management of returnable transport items. The focus is on flexible and smart solutions for customers’ packaging challenges with a focus on reducing costs, kilometres, energy and errors.


Why HB?

As an independent player, HB offers all suppliers and retailers in the Netherlands the opportunity to organize their national supply chain in a flexible and cost-efficient way when it comes to packaging or returnable transport items. This makes the company unique in the Netherlands and the partner of a very large number of suppliers and retailers in the food market. In addition, HB has a strong focus on making food movement more sustainable by optimizing the number of transport movements and using technology with efficient energy and water consumption. In 2021, HB has found a new owner in Arcus Infrastructure Partners.