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paraDIGMA Group is a fast-growing group of companies active in the field of employee health and wellbeing. Its occupational health and safety service works from a  unique perspective on absenteeism, which leads to a highly effective absenteeism and health policy within organizations. The group also offers psychological interventions, vitality scans, outplacement, reintegration and occupational health expertise. ParaDIGMA’s wide range of services and national coverage ensure that employers are optimally supported in improving employee vitality.


Why paraDIGMA?

The subject of sustainable employability has become a highly relevant theme in society in recent years due to an aging population and increasing labour shortages. We are working longer and more and more is being asked of employees. To ensure that people reach retirement age in a pleasant way, paraDIGMA Groep tries in an innovative way to keep as many people as possible in work or to get them back to work. They do this by focusing on personal leadership and corporate culture instead of medicalization. With this distinctive vision, paraDIGMA is also able to attract sufficient (qualified) professionals, which supports quality improvement and further growth. This makes them one of the leading players in their field today.

During our partnership, we significantly expanded and further professionalized the organization, achieved nationwide coverage, and expanded paraDIGMA Group’s service offering through various acquisitions. In 2024, paraDIGMA Group was acquired by Castik Capital to continue its strong growth trajectory.