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Touch enables its customers to increase engagement and desired behaviour among end customers through loyalty and incentive solutions. Touch does this by designing, executing and managing various programmes. These include long-term loyalty programmes, promotions, ticket deals, and gift cards. The programmes run on integrated, user-friendly software platforms that make it easy to create a scalable and omnichannel approach.

Through the programmes, Touch offers a wide range of leisure activities and selected products at a discount to customers in their own look and feel. This makes Touch the pivot between providers of such activities and products on the one hand and companies with a loyalty issue on the other. For providers, the programmes increase their reach and the number of visitors or customers. Customers use the programmes to engage and retain their consumers, employees, and business relationships, encourage desirable behaviour, and increase brand awareness.


Why Touch Incentive?

In a landscape where consumers and employees are overwhelmed by choice, companies are constantly looking for ways to connect, retain and reward them. As a result, the market for loyalty and incentives is growing strongly and is becoming increasingly important as a tool for companies. At the same time, the required time, knowledge, and network are an obstacle for companies in setting up a successful loyalty programme without distracting from their own business operations, which makes outsourcing common.

Touch is well positioned to capitalize on this outsourcing trend and profit from the growth in the market. The company stands out for its relevant and innovative solutions, strong technology foundation, enterprising management team, and creative, driven workforce. With this combination, the company is expected to be able to grow strongly in the coming years, both organically and through acquisitions, both in the Netherlands and abroad. The ambition is to become the leading and most innovative provider of loyalty and incentive solutions in Western Europe.