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HOLMRIS B8 offers one-stop solutions: from advisory & design services, to a product portfolio from own brands as well as more than 1,000 brand partners, and installment & project management. As a result, it serves a diversified customer base primarily across Office, Hospitality, and Education. Innovation is at the heart of its DNA, not only demonstrated in its design solutions, but also in its extensive selection of services and sustainable solutions.


Strong market trends such as the war for talent and new ways of working have been growing the market for office design solutions steadily. Resulting in the ‘hotelification’ of offices with higher budgets and more collaboration spaces, corporate office identity become a C-level decision. HOLMRIS B8, as orchestrator of the solutions, has a strong value proposition to cater these large projects, exemplified by its loyal customer base that includes nearly all Danish blue-chip companies. Its projects in the frontrunning Hospitality segment give HOLMRIS B8 its design edge, and its integrated solution positions the company as a strong partner to Public segments as well.

Sustainability is another key market driver, as both corporates and governments look for ways to report on and reduce emissions. Having worked with the ambitious Danish blue-chip customers for years, HOLMRIS B8 has developed a strong innovative offering: with its own fully circular brand made from unique upcycled and recycled materials, refurbishing capabilities, and extensive sustainability services such as scope 2 and 3 reporting.

These trends are similar across North/Western-Europe, and as such it’s HOLMRIS B8’s ambition to accelerate international growth in these markets. The company already started following its blue-chip clients abroad, and has sales offices in Norway, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands. The partnership with Mentha will accelerate this growth, also through a buy-and-build strategy.