20 May 2022

Zibber acquires Topr thanks to collaboration with Mentha

Takeover makes Zibber the largest player in real estate presentation

Zibber, specialist in real estate presentation and related services to real estate agents, will partner with Mentha to achieve accelerated, sustainable growth. Mentha will play an active role in this strategy by contributing knowledge and resources. The first step is the acquisition of industry peer Topr, making Zibber the largest provider of visual content for real estate promotion.

Zibber provides services to support brokers and project developers in the sale of real estate, such as attractive images, detailed floor plans and measurement reports using 3D laser scanning. These services are in high demand and the company has the ambition to continue to grow, driven by an optimal customer experience and employee satisfaction. It wants to expand its presence in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and also make inroads into other countries. Mentha has extensive experience in exploiting the growth potential of profitable companies, has supported many organizations in comparable international expansion and has previously invested in related business models, in which visual content plays an important role.

The first step in the collaboration is the acquisition of Topr, which provides comparable services and has a great deal of knowledge of 3D visualization in-house. The 3D service developed by Topr visualizes, among other things, project-based new construction. Zibber’s pointcloud technology, which uses 3D laser scans to create highly accurate floor plans and measurement reports, offers a high degree of accuracy and efficiency. Customers of both companies can now benefit from the combination of these services.

Dogan Kahveci, co-founder of Zibber: “We always look ahead and have big plans. With Mentha on board, we can execute these plans even faster. Their knowledge and experience is of great value, and they understand our vision. The acquisition of Topr is a clear example of this. Thanks to the good relationship between all the parties involved, this deal was concluded quickly and smoothly. We are looking forward to a bright future!”

Edo Pfennings, partner at Mentha: “End-to-end visual content services are playing an increasingly important role for real estate agents in the sales success of real estate, and Zibber is a forerunner in this. The ambition that Dogan and Hans and their team have is ample motivation for us to enter into a collaboration and to take their growth plans to an even higher level.”

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