06 December 2019

Van Vulpen teams up with Mentha

Mentha has acquired a majority interest in Van Vulpen, a leading and innovative contractor in the installation and adaptation of various types of networks used for the transport and distribution of water, electricity, data and gas. The transaction has been approved by the ACM (the Dutch competition authority). In collaboration with Mentha, Van Vulpen strives to continue its existing high levels of quality and achieve further growth and innovation in the installation of underground infrastructure networks.

In the past 20 years, Van Vulpen has become a leading player in the construction of underground infrastructure networks. In addition, Van Vulpen has become more and more specialized in carrying out Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), which allows it to lay underground pipes and cables over large distances with a minimal impact on the environment.

This year, Van Vulpen commissioned the world’s first electric drilling rig in the maxi segment. The first drillings have now been successfully completed, with substantially lower emissions and greatly reduced environmental nuisance in terms of noise as compared to conventional techniques. In 2019 Van Vulpen expects to achieve a turnover of approximately € 85 million; and including its flexible base of subcontractors and self-employed, it employs around 450 workers.

Managing Director Arjan de Nijs will continue to be actively involved with the company in the coming years, both as the person retaining ultimate responsibility and as co-shareholder.

Mentha invests in established, profitable companies with clear potential for expansion through organic growth, expansion into new markets and/or acquisitions. Mentha has 15 participations, active in various end-markets.

Arjan de Nijs, Van Vulpen: “I am convinced that this step takes Van Vulpen further in the direction in which it has embarked. In the field of innovation, controlled growth, but also corporate culture, Mentha and Van Vulpen understand each other very well, which gives me confidence in this partnership going forward.”

Gijs Botman, Mentha: “We are very impressed with what Van Vulpen has managed to achieve as a company in the last 20 years. Moreover, we are convinced that Mentha and Van Vulpen are closely aligned in terms of their character and DNA, and we share the ambition and enthusiasm to continue to build this magnificent company.”

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