30 June 2022

Petite Amélie opts for growth acceleration in collaboration with Mentha

Mentha is entering into a partnership with Petite Amélie, an online player in children's furniture, toys and related accessories. Together with Mentha, Petite Amélie aims to expand rapidly in product groups, and professionalize and grow in new markets and market segments. 

Petite Amélie was founded in 2012 in Lyon (France) by Joanna Rutges. She was looking for a crib for her newborn daughter, but could not find the ideal design. She decided to design a crib herself, thus laying the foundation for Petite Amelie: beautiful and practical designs “made by a mum”. In recent years, the range has expanded to include a wide collection of furniture, toys, accessories and textiles for children, sold in four countries. The neutral shapes and colours give young parents the opportunity to create a unique children's room that at the same time fits in with the interior of the house. 

Barend Rutten, Partner at Mentha, comments: “Petite Amélie is a brand based on a real story and you experience that as a consumer. We are impressed by the strength of the brand and the strong and growing collection of high-quality designs. In addition, the development of the sector as a result of increasing online penetration gives us confidence that Petite Amélie will continue its strong growth, also internationally, in the coming years.” 

Jeroen Rutges, co-founder of Petite Amélie, adds: “Through our network of valuable partners, we have been able to grow internationally in the Netherlands, France and Belgium, and more recently in Germany and the United Kingdom. We are convinced that Mentha's considerable experience with consumer brands and in expanding companies internationally will help us achieve our ambitions.”


About Mentha 
Headquartered in Amsterdam and founded in 2006, Mentha is an independent private equity firm active at the lower end of the mid-market. We invest in established, mid-sized and profitable companies with clear opportunities for growth along multiple avenues, such as organic growth, expansion in new markets or through buy-and-build. Our entrepreneurial team is a strong collective of investment professionals, with solid financial and operational business experience. We like to team up with entrepreneurs and enterprising management teams to jointly realize ambitious growth plans. With our companies, we seek an active approach that is based on true entrepreneurship, growth acceleration and transformation, and is spurred by the human factor and sustainability.

About Petite Amélie  Petite Amélie is a young and growing brand that has become a household name among many expectant and young parents in Europe. We design and produce the most beautiful furniture, accessories and toys for the baby and for the children's room. At the moment, we have several international web shops and three concept stores in the Netherlands, France and Germany.

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