03 November 2021

Mentha creates loyalty and incentive specialist Touch Network by merging three companies

Mentha is to invest in Touch Network, a specialist in loyalty, incentive and promotion services by merging three companies: Touch Incentive Marketing, Touch TVCC and Jibe Commerce. This creates a strong player in the field of customer and employee programs.

Touch TVCC focuses on promotions and customer and employee satisfaction programs while Touch Incentive is a specialist in loyalty marketing. The two companies previously belonged to the same group but often worked separately from each other. Jibe Commerce develops specific software to manage these programs. Mentha’s investment and active participation will align the activities of the three companies. This combination enables the newly created Touch Network to become a major partner for both existing and new clients, including the larger supermarkets, department stores, gas stations, amusement parks, car brands and energy suppliers.

Dennis van den Berg, founder of Touch and CEO of Touch Network: “Joining forces enables us to serve our existing and future customers more effectively and broadly. The partnership with Mentha allows for further expansion and growth, positioning us even more firmly in the market. As a result, our customers benefit from a solid loyalty platform.”

Edwin Witvoet, founder of Jibe, will continue to manage its activities within Touch Network: “The merger offers a wealth of opportunities. We have developed a unique platform that streamlines the set-up and rollout of various loyalty programs. As we are now working closer together, we can make efficiency gains and deploy our platform with ever greater effect.”

Following the merger and formation of Touch Network, the new company will focus on both a buy & build strategy and further (international) organic growth by attracting new customers. The main goal is to make Touch Network a bigger player on the international stage.

Mark van Ingen, partner at Mentha: “Loyalty programs are an indispensable tool for binding customers and attracting new target groups. By merging these three parties, space is created for new activities and further growth. In addition, we see the creation of a driven, enterprising team that can deliver products to our customers with the supporting software. We have already met many people from the newly created group and are on the same page when it comes to the vision and entrepreneurship needed to continue to build on this adventure together.”

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