27 December 2017

Mentha Capital sells Optimum Group to IK Investment Partners

The European printing and labelling company Optimum Group has been sold to IK Investment Partners. Optimum is a printer of self-adhesive labels, banding and shrink sleeves, primarily serving the food and retail market. The group operates through five printing facilities, of which four in the Netherlands and one in Belgium.

Optimum operates in the faster-growing segments within the Benelux labelling market, which is estimated to be worth approximately €700 million. In particular, the group focuses on the food labelling market, which has grown by over 5% year-on-year. Optimum has a broad offering but is looking to expand its technological capabilities, such as inkjet technology, and end-market coverage in the food, beverage, chemicals, pharmaceutical and logistics sectors.

The management and staff of Optimum, supported by Mentha Capital have realized very strong autonomous growth and executed a successful buy-and-build strategy. In four years, the company expanded from one to five locations in the Benelux and grew from 60 to over 260 employees. Through continuous improvements in strategy, operational processes, realization of synergies and professionalization, Optimum has established a leading market position with unique opportunities for further international expansion.

Bart de Boer, CEO of Optimum, said: “Label printers such as Optimum are well positioned in the value chain to benefit from underlying volume growth drivers. With the support of IK, we will be able to invest in new digital technologies to print smaller batches more efficiently, enhancing our service offering. We will also be able to reach new customers through our international expansion and will further develop and expand our current product portfolio. Given that service quality has always been our key priority and many of our core customers have worked with us for over 10 years, our partnership with IK will enable us to better serve our loyal customer base and continuously offer them new products.”

Edo Pfennings, the Mentha Capital partner responsible said: “In the last four years, Optimum Group’s development has seen it grow from a local player to becoming a leader in the Benelux market. We are confident that Optimum Group’s performance will be sustained, and that the partnership with IK Investment Partners will further support Optimum’s international growth strategy.”

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