30 April 2018

Mentha Capital enters into partnership with OFYR

Mentha Capital has recently expanded its portfolio by taking a stake in OFYR. OFYR’s main goal is to transform outdoor cooking into a more social activity, replacing traditional barbeques with something far more user-friendly and pleasing to the eye, whilst still enabling high-quality cooking.

OFYR’s leading product is a unique cone-shaped, high-performance cooking-unit which in combination with a wide range of supporting products forms a complete outdoor lifestyle concept. OFYR targets both high-end users such as professional chefs, focused on advanced cooking, and people who want to combine outdoor cooking with social events. Their products are used by both high-end restaurants and by consumers at home in their gardens. OFYR was first launched in the Netherlands in 2015 and is now sold in over 70 countries.

Peter Tourné, CEO and shareholder of OFYR: “We are delighted that in Mentha Capital we have a business partner that will be instrumental in bringing OFYR to the next level.”

Hans Goossens, founder and shareholder of OFYR: “I am very proud that in a short space of time we have brought OFYR to a level that such an established partner is willing to collaborate with us.”

Mentha Capital will support OFYR in accelerating its growth. Mark van Ingen, Investment Director at Mentha Capital: “What OFYR has managed to achieve in the last three years is extremely impressive. They have transformed a great idea into a mature company and established a new brand and category in a traditional market. We are pleased to actively support and work together with the company in realizing its ambitious growth plans.”

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