12 July 2017

Mentha Capital enters into partnership with Brownline

Mentha Capital and Brownline recently joined forces with the aim of further strengthening Brownline, expanding Brownline’s presence worldwide and entering new market segments.

Brownline, a Dutch company established in 1998, provides high-precision drilling equipment and services to the horizontal directional drilling markets ̶ mainly within the infrastructure and telecommunications sectors. The company has established a revolutionary way to track the location of drill heads. Given their high accuracy, the drilling tools are largely deployed for long horizontal drills. Brownline’s technology offers a more competitive, more accurate solution to customers. It gets the drill ‘right’ the first time. Brownline currently holds the record for enabling the world’s longest HDD drill (4.6km).

Hans de Bruin, CEO, founder and shareholder of Brownline: “Together with Mentha we are able to boost the roll-out of the technology into new geographies and industries. We believe that this partnership will see us successfully achieve our shared goals.”

Mentha Capital will support and accelerate Brownline’s growth ambitions. Gijs Botman, Managing Partner at Mentha Capital: “As a strategic partner, we help high-growth niche companies to develop into market leaders with considerable added value. The founders of Brownline have created a very strong product offering with the Drillguide providing very powerful solutions for drillers worldwide. Brownline is now a market leader in the Netherlands and Belgium and its presence outside these markets is growing. There is a huge opportunity to develop further and we are keen to help the company on its journey.”

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