17 January 2018

Mentha Capital completes sale of Venko Groep to Brand Industrial Services

In a transaction signed in August 2017 and completed on the 2nd of January 2018, the offshore and onshore coatings maintenance provider Venko has been sold to Brand Industrial Services, known as BrandSafway, to become a part of the Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services (Brand) group.

Based in the Netherlands, with a focus on operations in the North Sea area, Venko is a leading offshore and onshore coatings maintenance provider in Europe. Founded in 1975, Venko has its headquarters in Hoogeveen, with branch locations in Arnhem, Den Helder and Ridderkerk in the Netherlands, and Great Yarmouth and Aberdeen in the United Kingdom. Employing up to 500 people in peak season, Venko specializes in the maintenance of coatings on steel structures – from offshore applications to civil projects and bridges.

Bringing Venko’s highly specialized knowledge in industrial coatings will provide Brand with the expertise needed to expand their services in the offshore market worldwide. Both companies have worked together as partners on industrial jobs for several years and look forward to being on the same team.

Edo Pfennings, the Mentha Capital partner responsible said: “In the last four years that we have been shareholder, Venko has grown 50% due to strong management and an excellent service offering and as such has become a leading player in the offshore Northsea fabric maintenance market. By teaming up with Brand it will be able to provide customers with a full-service offering, including scaffolding and mechanical engineering”

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