17 March 2017

Mentha Capital and Aethon join forces

Independent investor Mentha Capital and Aethon, employment agency for students and young professionals, join forces to establish intensive cooperation. Along with Mentha Capital, Aethon will further optimize and expand its services in flexible employment.

For over 11 years, Aethon has specialized in providing flexible staff for health institutions, municipalities and housing associations. The organization connects ambitious students and young professionals with clients, thus guaranteeing continuity, flexibility and affordability of staff. Aethon develops and invests in targeted, practical training programs for employees and creates a sustainable solution for providing a flexible shell for its clients.

Casper Bannet, CEO, founder and shareholder of Aethon: “Together with Mentha we are able to respond even better to the growth opportunities in the market and work towards a stable development of the organization. Aethon will continue to invest in its services and employees to further develop our unique propositions and positioning. We believe that this partnership will see us successfully achieve our shared goals. ”

Mentha Capital will support and accelerate Aethon’s growth ambitions. Gijs Botman, Managing Partner at Mentha Capital: “As a strategic partner, we help high-growth niche companies to develop into market leaders with considerable added value. Mentha sees plenty of opportunities for Aethon due to the increasing flexibilization of the job market and the specific demand for highly-educated workers in the care and non-profit sectors. Aethon’s innovative concepts enrich the labor market for both employers and highly-educated young talent.”

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