18 April 2023

Hyperautomation specialist Ciphix accelerates growth strategy with Mentha

Mentha has entered into a partnership with Ciphix, a fast-growing hyperautomation specialist that automates and optimises processes for large and reputable companies such as Marel, ASR, Vattenfall and ANWB. The collaboration will boost its growth strategy, which should make Ciphix a leading European player in hyperautomation. 

Since its founding in 2018, Ciphix's mission has been to ‘take the robot out of the human’ by letting RPA (robotic process automation) software take over repetitive tasks carried out by employees. Since then, Ciphix has grown into a company with more than 60 employees and operates as a broad hyperautomation service provider active in RPA, (conversational) AI, process mining, low-code and iPaaS. Thanks to these various technologies, Ciphix also automates more complex repetitive processes, which ensures higher efficiency and a reduction of errors and costs. In addition, it enables customers to assign more important, valuable and challenging work to employees such as solving complex problems.

Ciphix as an appealing employer
Next to the innovative use of the various technologies, Ciphix stands out in successfully attracting and retaining talent. This is made possible by a positive and challenging corporate culture and provides a solid foundation for further organic growth. As an active shareholder, Mentha will also be looking at possible acquisitions in the home market and abroad, in order to accelerate the growth strategy. The investor has extensive experience in scaling technology companies internationally and will use this knowledge and expertise at Ciphix on both an operational and a strategic level.

Koen Mallee and Marijn van de Poel together form the management of Ciphix and are enthusiastic about the collaboration. Mallee: "We have a lot of confidence in this collaboration. Our journey has only just begun and this is the start of the next phase.” Van de Poel: “We are proud of our team, customers and partners and look forward to taking the next steps with Mentha on board."

The joint aim of Ciphix and Mentha is to grow the company into a leading European hyperautomation specialist in the coming years. This is fuelled by the ambition to play a role in solving major labour market challenges such as the large shortage of qualified staff and high staff turnover due to low job satisfaction and a lack of challenging and meaningful work. Ciphix is convinced in its ability to further shape this ambition, partly due to the broad applicability of robotisation of certain labour processes in combination with continuous innovation from software suppliers.

Stijn Dietz, Investment Director at Mentha: "We are impressed by Ciphix and very excited to invest in the future of hyperautomation through this partnership. The management's ambition and Ciphix's innovative approach to intelligent automation, combined with our expertise in scaling this type of business is an excellent foundation to continue growing and increasingly delivering value to customers in the coming years."


About Ciphix
Ciphix is a Rotterdam-based Hyperautomation specialist. Ciphix believes that in a world with so much technological potential, there is no need for employees to carry out monotonous, boring and repetitive work. That is why the company is committed to helping organisations harness human potential through smart automation of business processes. With an integrated approach to Process Mining, RPA, Low-code, Integrations and Machine Learning, Ciphix offers its customers, including global brands and government organisations, unique and robust solutions to take the robot out of the human.

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