18 September 2019

Aethon and Samen Professionals join forces

Aethon, a staffing and secondment company for students and young professionals, and secondment company Samen Professionals have joined forces. The new partnership is expected to enhance their service offering to both their professionals and clients.

Samen Professionals was founded in 2011 and has grown into a specialized secondment solutions provider in the healthcare and educational sectors. The company operates under two distinctive brand names, i.e. Samen in de Zorg for its healthcare activities and Onze Leerkracht for its activities in the educational sector. Samen Professionals operates from six locations throughout the Netherlands and employs over 450 highly skilled and qualified professionals.

For over 14 years, Aethon has specialised in providing flexible staff for health institutions, municipalities, housing associations and childcare organizations. Aethon develops and invests in targeted, practical training programs for employees and guides them throughout their career. By doing so, Aethon guarantees the continuity, flexibility and affordability of staff, and creates a sustainable solution for providing a flexible shell for its clients.

The development of talent in the public and semi-public sectors provides the basis for Aethon and Samen Professional’s partnership. Aethon and Samen Professionals share an ambitious vision when it comes to training, career development and the personal growth of their employees. Additionally, with a national network of students, starters and experienced professionals, clients will have better access to highly trained staff and will be provided with a more comprehensive offering.

Casper Bannet, CEO of Aethon: “With Samen Professionals, Aethon strengthens its position in the Dutch recruitment industry. We look forward to a strong partnership and a successful realization of our shared goals.”

Simon van der Vlist, Luciano Gianella and Christina Muilenburg, management of Samen Professionals: “We are very pleased to have found a partner in Aethon and Mentha Capital, and look forward to working together.”

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